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«Ryntovt Design» — is a holistic approach and complete cycle for creation of the modern public and private space.

What is its fundamental? Realization of the fact that we all are a part of one living organism that is to be treated with proper respect and love.
This is the system where spirit and matter are intertwined, and privacy reflects an integrity

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Light and air, laconicism and purity of the lines.
Our furniture is unique as well as the structure and texture of wood we use at/for work.

We select raw materials and control the quality of decoration materials. Varnishes, oils, paints are all certified. Technique of penetration of one structure into another helps us reveal wood texture and make accents. Materials are carefully chosen and combined by color and texture.

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Our philosophy is based on the principles of the moral approach to architecture and interior considering an existent context/framework: society, traditions, economics, ecology, etc.

Our works ensure:
high ecological, social, and economic responsibility while implementing tasks;
deliberate choice and sanity in decision-making;
healthy balance of economic and social interests.

Designing architecture, interior, or an item, we create natural laconic product with intelligence and feelings. The culture of unit manufacturing implies respect to nature and material, thanks to which we were able to realize so important ideas.

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Different companies with common spirit

RD Furniture and Ryntovt Design – the companies which not only carry similar names but also have a lot in common.
Our view on the philosophy of space, nature, human’s role and place in it. This is the reason why our cooperation didn’t stop after creating a joint collection, but resulted in true partnership, the fruit of which is the Ryntovt Design representation located in the historic heart of Kyiv.Permanent Original Product exposition is available to view in showroom on Podil.
Also, you have a chance to discuss and order a Ryntovt Design project in Kyiv.