“Everyone is becoming similar in the global world. But we know that you may want to stand out. And we’ll take care of all the manufacturing challenges.”
Leonid Spivakov


Individuality in every element

As no wood solids are same so all the pieces of furniture are different in RD.Furniture.
We not just produce furniture, we create functional pieces of art reflecting our clients’ spirit and philosophy.

Each item will be unique no matter you order a model from a collection or your own design.

“Walk the Earth silently” – Ryntovt Design in Kyiv

Permanent Ryntovt Design exhibition in the heart of Kyiv city – on Podil.
Ryntovt Design Furniture equips the room making it perfectly breathable. Each element is special, and all the items are distinctive.

Tactile sensations are also very important, as you’ll keep this furniture for years.

As well as our life, the solution we make for each item is expressed in the movement: from dot to texture, from image to material, from simple to complex, to see its charming simplicity.
Come and touch the Yurii Ryntovt’s philosophy.


Come visit our showroom

We’ll book a time for you to get a closer look at our works in our showroom on Podil

Uniqueness of nature in each element

For our projects, we get inspiration from incomparable beauty of nature.
Your room for living, work and art in Eco-Friendly philosophy.


Gallery design for uncompromising satisfaction


Organic union of interior items, a human and living nature


Project solutions

The room where you want to stay.



Where the art is being created.

Creative cooperation with friends

We are always happy to collaborate with professional artists.
This is how masterpieces are created and we know it.